Multifunctional sustainable furniture

Sustainable Multifunctional Furniture

The MULGEO Furniture Collection

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    MULGEO pet house

    DKK 499

    Pet house

    100% recyclable Kraftliner

  • Mulgeo Lumi new productAdd to cart

    MULGEO LUMI Pendant

    DKK 1.945

    Uniquely designed origami paper lamp

    100% recycled paper


  • Mulgeo Laundry basket new productAdd to cart

    MULGEO Laundry Basket

    DKK 599

    Laundry basket and storage

    100% recyclable Kraftliner cardboard

  • MULGEO 46CM - best sellerAdd to cart

    MULGEO Box-Chair 46 cm

    DKK 499

    Multifunctional box-chair

    100% recyclable Kraftliner cardboard

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