Multifunctional sustainable furniture

Sustainable Multifunctional Furniture

What we care about

The production of MULGEO furniture is clean and virtually without CO2 emissions. The trees used for production are replanted. This ensures that our furniture is CO2 negative.

MULGEO furniture is 100% made from mono Kraftliner material. Kraftliner is a type of durable and long living cardboard. It is pure, extremely strong and fairly insensitive to moisture.


MULGEO furniture is 100% recyclable. After a long life MULGEO furniture can simply be recycled as scrap paper and turn into something new!

The MULGEO Furniture Collection

  • MULGEO Box-Chair 80 cm

    DKK 599,00

    80 cm high cardboard box-chair that can be used as a multifunctional furniture. It is sustainable and also works great as storage boxes. Learn more!

  • MULGEO Box-Chair 64 cm

    DKK 549,00

    Multifunctional storage box for many different settings! 100% recyclable and made from sustainably produced Kraftliner cardboard. Produced in the EU. Order now!

  • MULGEO Box-Chair 46 cm

    DKK 499,00

    Sustainable and multifunctional cardboard box-chair with a height of 46 cm. The chair is 100% CO2-neutral produced in the EU and can be recycled. See more!

  • MULGEO Box-Chair 34 cm

    DKK 399,00

    About the multifunctional box-chair The 34 cm multifunctional MULGEO chair is our smallest product. It is perfect as a kids’ chair with included storage space. It consists of 100% Kraftliner. That makes it very durable and insensitive to moisture. An ideal piece of furniture for the kids’ room. Its timeless and elegant design makes the 34 cm cardboard box-chair a…

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