Multifunctional furniture since 2019

Mulgeo copenhagen was established in 2019 by us, Anastasia and Thomas Valentin M. Rasmussen. We previously owned a restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen, where our sustainable furniture journey idea was born.

We, as owners faced with a challenge at our restaurant – pickpockets were operating! We needed a way to protect our guests’s belongings and eventually came up with the box-chair idea that serves the double purpose: it has storage and can be sit on as well!


“At MULGEO copenhagen we want to produce furniture that makes it easy and affordable for our customers to live a sustainable lifestyle. Our products are eco-friendly, aesthetic, multifunctional, and easy to recycle. All our products are CO2-neutrally produced and, after a long life, can simply be recycled.”



“We would like to show people how can they integrate nature into their homes by a simple object: a box-chair. The high quality, unbleached and sustainably resourced paper allows them to have a connection with nature day by day- effortlessly.”