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  • MULGEO Box-Chair 34 cm

    DKK 399,00

    About the multifunctional box-chair The 34 cm multifunctional MULGEO chair is our smallest product. It is perfect as a kids’ chair with included storage space. It consists of 100% Kraftliner. That makes it very durable and insensitive to moisture. An ideal piece of furniture for the kids’ room. Its timeless and elegant design makes the 34 cm cardboard box-chair a…

  • MULGEO Box-Chair 46 cm

    DKK 499,00

    Sustainable and multifunctional cardboard box-chair with a height of 46 cm. The chair is 100% CO2-neutral produced in the EU and can be recycled. See more!

  • MULGEO Box-Chair 64 cm

    DKK 549,00

    Multifunctional storage box for many different settings! 100% recyclable and made from sustainably produced Kraftliner cardboard. Produced in the EU. Order now!

  • MULGEO Box-Chair 80 cm

    DKK 599,00

    80 cm high cardboard box-chair that can be used as a multifunctional furniture. It is sustainable and also works great as storage boxes. Learn more!