MULGEO Box-Chair 34 cm

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Multifunctional storage

100% recyclable Kraftliner cardboard

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About the multifunctional box-chair

The 34 cm multifunctional MULGEO chair is our smallest product. It is perfect as a kids’ chair with included storage space. It consists of 100% Kraftliner. That makes it very durable and insensitive to moisture. An ideal piece of furniture for the kids’ room. Its timeless and elegant design makes the 34 cm cardboard box-chair a long-lasting asset to your home.

Product details

Measures: 37x37x34 cm

Weight: 2,2 kg

Material: 100% Kraftliner cardboard

Produced in the EU

FSC certified. Read more about FSC here

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About Kraftliner

All MULGEO copenhagen products consist of the 100% mono-material Kraftliner. The cardboard material Kraftliner is made of replanted trees, which makes our furniture to CO2-neutral products. After a long life, Kraftliner can be recycled entirely as a high-quality scrap, without having to separate materials.

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Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 34 × 34 × 46 cm